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Paul, everyone is in the palm of your hands from beginning to end. The ease with which you put your shows together is unbelievable. Your charm, personality and professionalism add greatly to our success...

- Executive Director, Westitalia

Actor, Performer

Paul James Saunders has enjoyed a long, successful and diverse career in the entertainment industry. Thirty years in the business has taken him to both sides of the camera and all aspects of the business. As a result he is exceptional at managing the technical, talent and business components of any production. His experience as a performer provides an understanding of the complexities of the world of entertainment.

"My experience,on stage as a musician and actor and behind the camera as a producer and director in multiple media, positions me for this career focus. My success at simultaneously managing the multi-faceted business aspects of several companies has broadened my abilities and allowed me to develop my many strengths and skills. I am experienced, confident and eager to create innovative art & entertainment in a new venue..."

Writer, Producer

Paul excels at producing and directing entertainment. As the founding member and leader of “The History of Rock & Roll starring Pauly & the Goodfellas” for the past 20 years, he has overseen all aspects of this highly entertaining and successful musical production, that tours Canada and the United States. This success complements his experience as the writer, producer and director of numerous corporate events for companies such as Robin Hood Flour, Energizer Batteries, Tim Horton’s, Adams-Cadbury & Itwal.

In addition, Paul’s company VoiceWorks enjoys post production and voice-over contracts with Sony Pictures, Paramount, Warner Brothers, ABC, NBC, CBC, CBS, Castle Rock and Fox (to name a few) for dozens of feature films, movies of the week and television series.

Listen to my PURPLE PARROT music CD here as well as many other videos on my Youtube channel.

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- Actor, Writer, Producer - Paul James Saunders

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